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Trustees of Mosque required to cease using site as a mosque

On the 21st May 2013, Newham Council was granted an injunction requiring the trustees of the Abbey Mills mosque to “to demolish property after they failed to comply with a planning obligation”. That is effectively to cease using the site as a mosque and remove the temporary buildings on site, following repeated failures to comply with planning control.

In legalese “The Trustees had been the trustees of a trust which operated a mosque, and entered into a planning obligation with the local authority pursuant to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 s.106 which said that if certain requirements were not fulfilled within a specified period of time the mosque and ancillary facilities would have to be demolished. The issue was what consequence should follow the Trustees failure to comply with to the planning obligation.
The local authority submitted that an injunction pursuant to s.106(5), requiring the Trustees to remove the mosque and ancillary facilities was the appropriate remedy”.

It was also noted “The Trustees must have been aware that those consequences would come to pass when they failed to comply with the obligation”.

There has been much speculation in the local press around what course of action the Trustees may now be considering and we are checking all those avenues, when we have more concrete details we will post information here.

This is the latest article online from the Newham Recorder:

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